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Project Description

This data collection is part of research activities within the larger context of an AAL Call 5 (“Daily Live Activities”) funded project named DALIA – Assistant for DAily Life Activities at Home.
The overall objective of DALIA is to provide an integrated home system that supports older adults as primary end-users, offers support to their informal carers as secondary end-users, and can be extended to interface with services of formal care and medical services. These services will be presented to the end-users in the form of a Personal Virtual Assistant (PVA), a human-looking avatar.

Privacy and Warranties

Your data will be stored on a PC located in your home, on a remote server located in one of the member countries of the European Community and on one or more of your smartphones. Your data will be held and used on an anonymous basis for the exclusive purpose of the DALIA project. All your data will be kept confidentially and will not be disclosed to any third parties without your consent. Reports on this study won’t contain any personal data or data that could lead to the identification of a specific data subject.

The software for this study is provided as is without any warranties and the project consortium can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of the software.



On first sign-up of the user the camera is used to read a personal QR-Code holding login information. Additionally the camera is used, to add photos to a diary entry or send a message including a photo. Taking photos is always voluntary, the images are stored securely.


Recording audio is used to record speech messages or to provide speech-to-text functionalities throughout the app.


The app is including a simple help call, which on activation calls a predefined phone number and puts the phone into handsfree-mode. Therefore it needs to detect the phone state to detect when the phone-connection is established.


The app is using a personal Account on your device to securely store the authentication credentials.


The app allows to manage contacts and sync these contacts with the contacts on the phone.

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