DALIA Final Meeting

On March 30th, the final project meeting of DALIA, hosted by project partner iHomeLab, took place in the Swiss city of Luzern. During the last three years a lot of research work was put into the project by the participating parties. The results speak for themselves: parts of the results will be developed further and made ready for the market by a newly founded company e-nnovation smart solutions which is spin-off of the consortium leader exthex GmbH from Austria

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. Other partners follow similar strategies and put efforts in the further developments of the project outcomes for their purposes.

DALIA Demonstrator in the iHomeLab

DALIA Demonstrator in the iHomeLab

iHomeLab Showcase Presentation

iHomeLab Showcase Presentation

The purpose of the final meeting was not exclusively work related, it was also a social gathering including a joint dinner and a guided sightseeing tour in Luzern. Besides the project success, the project partners also got to establish ties and quite a few of them will be working together in further separate projects.


The consortium in front of the iHomeLab

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