DALIA Field Tests

DALIA involves real end users and care organisations in the development and attaches great importance to end user involvement. Therefore, all end users (elderly adults, formal carers, informal carers) are involved during the whole project in a multi-stage approach. The tests are carried out at the involved care organisations which try to invite several end users. According to the strategy developed, tests are conducted in Switzerland (terzStiftung with iHomeLab), Austria (Volkshilfe Steiermark with Exthex), Luxembourg (Stëftung Hëllef Doheem) and the Netherlands (`t Dijkhuis with Virtask).

Participants of the Field Test

Participants of the Field Test (Picture: exthex GmbH)

The aim of this tests is to obtain feedback of the end users regarding different issues of DALIA to improve the system already in early stages. A requirements survey, Focus Group Test as well as Lab Tests have already been conducted. At the moment the last stage of the end user involvement phase, the Field Test, is executed. The aim of the Field Test is to test the finished prototype in a realistic environment. Therefore real end users have the possibility to try the whole system in their own home for three weeks. In all four testing countries nine households with always one elderly adult accompanied by one informal or formal carer use DALIA.

At the beginning the required hardware and software is installed by a member of the DALIA consortium and each test participant gets a tutorial how to use the system. The testers have to conduct several tasks during the Field Test so that all functions are tested carefully. After that each participant is interviewed so that we can gather all information about their experiences. We want to find out how satisfied the users are with the prototype and what problems occurred during the using. The findings of these tests will be implemented in DALIA to improve the system according to the needs of the end users.

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