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DALIA involves real end-users and care organisations in the development and attaches great importance to end-user involvement. Therefore, all end-users (elderElderly Woman Smartphonely adults, formal carers, informal carers) are involved during the whole project in a multi-stage approach. The tests are carried out at the involved care organisations which try to invite several end-users. According to the strategy developed, tests are conducted in Switzerland (terzStiftung with iHomeLab), Austria (Volkshilfe Steiermark with Exthex), Luxembourg (Stëftung Hëllef Doheem) and the Netherlands (`t Dijkhuis with Virtask).

Recently, several tests took place. The aim of this tests is to obtain feedback of the end users regarding different issues of DALIA to improve the system already in early stages.

Focus Group Tests
Potential end-users take part at the Focus Groups and give feedback on Use Cases, screens and designs. The aim is to collect information and to discover errors in the requirements and design as early as possible before and during implementation. The procedure iterates every other month and every time with material for a new module.

Following Focus Group Tests have already been conducted in all four countries:

  • Medication Feature (March/April/May)
  • Collaboration Feature (June/July)
  • Health State Tracking and Help Feature (August/September)

Lab Tests
The Lab tests take place in a lab environment and are conducted for continuous testing of finished software parts of DALIA. The aim is to test finished parts with end-users to improve the software during the implementation phase.

Lab tests have already been conducted in Austria in June and August and in Switzerland in June and September.

The participants were highly motivated and did not hesitate to state their own and honest opinion. Additionally, we found out further information about problems regarding the handling of DALIA through close monitoring of the participants. All in all the tests revealed much useful information to improve DALIA. Last but not least we want to thank the participants for their time and help.

Focus group test

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