DALIA @ Zukunft Lebensräume 2015 in Frankfurt

frankfurt2015Klemens Auinger (FH OÖ – University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria) from the DALIA consortium visited the AAL Conference in Frankfurt (Germany, 29./30.04.2015)

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. He presented two Posters about AAL Performance Measurement and Business Development. These Posters covered also some DALIA aspects. He used the conference to talk with interested People about challenges for the business development process and the market potential of DALIA.

The collected feedback will enrich the ongoing development process of DALIA. Summing up the conference content we can observe a shift from a technical view to an end-user view on AAL services and technologies. The most critical challenge is the entrance in the market. A sufficient business model is equally important than the innovative idea. The holistic approach of DALIA earned the most attention in the discussion with conference visitors. The quality of the informal and personal discussions beside the official program was good and inspiring.

Link to the event homepage: http://zukunft-lebensraeume.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/de/besucher/willkommen.html

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