DALIA @ conhIT 2015 in Berlin

ConhIT – Connecting Healthcare IT

The conhIT 2015 took place between the 14th and 16th of April 2015 in Berlin. The annual conhIT is the largest industry event for health IT in Europe and focuses on the full range of health IT. It specializes on solutions which assist medical staff, optimise efficiency and quality in healthcare facilities and improve patient care. The conhIT improves the conditions for a broad implementation of health IT and enables healthcare industry participants to learn from each other and exchange experiences.

The slogan of the this year’s conhIT was “Shaping the future with health IT” and concentrated on news and trends in the healthcare IT.  Presentations and discussions about Big Data, Health data from wearables, apps and smartphones, Mobility in patient care, Ambient Assisted Living concerning interoperability and much more topics were conducted.

Additionally, more than 380 exhibitors from different countries presented their IT solutions for improving the health care to more than 7.400 visitors  on an area of 15.000 m². Exthex was one of these exhibitors and presented the DALIA project under the brand name EMMA, which was chosen for the commercialization of the exthex product developed with DALIA

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. Fact sheets and a video about EMMA conveyed an adequate overview of the product. The fair enabled to establish interesting contacts and to promote the DALIA project and EMMA to a wide and international spectrum of stakeholders.


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