DALIA Kick-Off Meeting in Graz, Austria

Seminar Room

The official kick-off meeting of the DALIA project  (Assistant for DAily LIfe Activities at Home) took place in the Hotel Wiesler in Graz on the 23rd and 24th of April, 2013. After the negotiation phase it was a relief to finally get the project to start. In the meeting the project partners introduced themselves and their company or institute with short presentations. Tasks have been allocated and issues of the projects have been discussed.

Buschenschank MausserIn the evening of the first day the consortium moved from the seminar room to the Schlossberg Restaurant, to enjoy the view over the city of Graz by night. In the afternoon of the second day the meeting took place in a traditional countryside inn. Surrounded by apple and cherry tree plantations timetables and deliverables have been fixed, unsolved issues have been discussed and next meetings have been scheduled.

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